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Home Restaurant
Домашний ресторан

The purpose of the program is to show the hero-amateur, who knows how to cook well, and trying within the program to open the restaurant and earn money on this skill.

The conditions of the game are rather strict: the hero of the program is an amateur chef and his assistant buy products for 5 thousand rubles and for 3 hours they have to cook and feed 7 guests, who, having lunch, will appreciate the menu and service at its true value. If the price offered by the guests for lunch is higher than the amount that the hero spends on products and minimal design, he won, and the difference gets himself as a prize. If the amount spent exceeds the sum received, the hero and his restaurant burned down.

Guests (7 people) invited to the «Home Restaurant», a permanent, but rotating group of people who have an idea of the restaurant, as frequent visitors, do not necessarily professionals business. The main thing is that they are able to talk about food and its preparation in a metaphorical way, noticing the hero’s mistakes and luck. An integral part of the program are recipes of dishes prepared in front of the audience.

cooking show.
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