Privacy policy

How we process your personal data stored by BMP, Ltd

In certain cases, BMP (or, to be more precise, the Russian company BMP, Ltd, or “we”) collects personal data from its readers and processes it. In this document, we describe what we process and how we do it. We apply these principles provided that the readers agree to use BMP services. Please, be informed, that we have the right to change the principles at any time on a unilateral basis. Also you can check Russian versions of documents about Privacy Policy here.

Terms used in this document

Reader refers to any individual using any services rendered by BMP.

Reader data refers to any information concerning the reader known to BMP.

Personal data refers to any reader-related information.

Processing refers to the collection, storage, change, provision of access to, and transfer of reader personal data.

BMP refers to any public service of BMP, Lts available at

Our basic principles

We ensure the confidentiality of personal data and apply all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data. In certain cases, BMP engages its partners in personal data processing, and transfers this data to them. In these cases, we make sure that adequate security measures are taken. It means that we do not transfer any data to partners whose data storage principles seem doubtful to us, or if we know that these principles substantially differ from those provided for in this document.

Categorization of personal data processed by us

We may store personal data of two types:

  1. Identification data, including first name, last name, and IP-address.
  2. Contact data, including user email.

Why we do this

We process personal data due to several reasons:

  • To ensure the operation of services (for instance, to show relevant ads).
  • For us to be able to collect statistics. We need it for two purposes: to see if our services are available to readers, and to understand how readers use our services, making them more convenient based on our observations.
  • We only use the data collected from you (name, email for answer as a reply for feedback form message), subject to your consent to the principles of processing this data.

Those who can get access to personal data

As already mentioned above, sometimes we transfer personal data to our partners, while taking adequate measures to ensure their security. For instance, we transfer data to mailing services, or analytics systems. We may also provide data at the request of the Russian Federation enforcement authorities (although we cannot imagine why they might need it).

Where and how personal data is processed

Personal data is processed in Russia, but in certain cases may be transferred to states outside Russia and processed there. Transfer of data beyond the borders of Russia may only occur on legal grounds, and subject to ensuring an adequate data protection level.

Storage periods for various data are up to the request to delete it. If you wish us to delete this data, please write us using Feedback Form, and we will delete it. Personal data stored by us is not used to personalize anything anywhere (in the language of law, it means that we do not take any automated decisions, and do not create any profiles based on this data).

What readers are entitled to

Firstly, readers have an opportunity to amend their personal data if it is incomplete and/or incorrect.

Secondly, readers have the right to request the deletion of their personal data.

Thirdly, if a reader thinks their rights and interests were breached, they may file a claim. We will do everything possible to remedy the situation. For this purpose, please send us an message using feedback form.


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