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We at the production company «BMP» know that to release a program on air is a long way to go. We work with the best directors, scriptwriters, presenters, cameramen and editing directors. They will help you to make this path shorter.


We have all the means to qualitatively fulfill the order of any complexity in any part of Russia. Psst… we have quadcopters.


Our projects have been nominated and awarded many times. The programs are successfully sold through a distribution network in the CIS countries and abroad.

Аrt Director
Evgeny BINOV,
General Producer
Our programs successfully sold through the distribution network in the CIS and abroad. Today “BMP” is one of the largest production studios of the North-West of Russia.

Production company “BMP” (Saint Petersburg, Russia) was founded in 2017 as a part of well known “PCpromotion” producer center, that was established in 2001 as the only one specialized production center, dedicated to the promotion of high technologies in Russia. “BMP” has been successful on the television market for more than 20 years since the company’s creation in 2001. It is actively cooperating with the leading TV channels producing a wide content range for different audiences – original formats as well as adaptations of international shows. We made more than 50+ series of TV programs, commercials and movies on a variety of topics for national, local and satellite TV channels of Russia.

And the Orpheus goes to…

TEFI is an annual award given in the Russian television industry, presented by the Russian Academy of Television. It has been awarded since 1994. The winners are awarded with Orpheus statuette created by Ernst Neizvestny.

More than
50 series
on air!

The program “PROcomputer” was the first in 1998 on the national television, which told about the computer technologies, cellular communication and computer games.

“BMP” is making a speciality of producing topic-based and lifestyle-shows, entertaining and talk-shows, documentals and series.

Programs of “BMP” many times were nominated and got numerous prestigious awards.

Four times we got main Russian national television prize — “TEFI” — for our programs “Angel’s Day” (2023, 2018), “Surprise me!” (2011) and “Personals” (2010). In 1999 “PROcomputer” television program became a laureate of Intel Award in the nomination “The Best computer program in the CIS and Baltic States”; and in 2002 it was nominated for the prize “Golden pen — 2001”. In 2002 “Night stranger” series were nominated for the prize “Golden pen” in the nomination “Debut of the year”.

“BMP” is constantly improving and aiming not only to grow, but implement new technologies, develop the creative side and meet the latest trends of international and Russian television.

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series of programs

We have a modern hardware-studio complex in Saint Petersburg (Russia) and are ready to execute an order of any complexity.

However, more important thing is the team of highly qualified staff with extensive experience both at the national and local TV channels.

"Angel’s Day" is a program about love, which the heroes are so lacking
More than 350 children were adopted!

Program is the story of a child from an orphanage, who gets an opportunity to spend his birthday in a wonderful fairy-tale and to believe in miracle!

We are producing this series since 2012 year. The goal of the program is to draw attention to the issue of adoption.

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