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Night at the Museum
Ночь в музее
Ночь в музее

«Night at the Museum» is a fascinating, unexpected, puzzling and challenging journey through the main museums of Russia. And what is important is that the journey is informative both for the participants of the game and for the audience, who unwittingly become partners in the team of players. At night the museum is free from visitors, and the exhibits, halls and interior seem especially mysterious. And this is the best time to learn the legends of the past, guess the riddles and penetrate the spirit of the collection.

A team of players of all ages and different professions will have to open the exhibit (artifact) for visitors. None of the participants know what they should find in the museum’s treasures. None of them has special training and is not a museum regular. Successfully pass all the tests they are helped by general erudition, logic, ingenuity, attention and intuition. The main prize is a trip to one of the largest museums in the world.

The host Andrey Maksimov is the same as the players and viewers, an ordinary visitor of museums. His main task is to create a creative atmosphere and stimulate active discussion of the game.

The Keeper is the assistant to the presenter and the main expert of the program, who evaluates not only the correctness of the team’s answers, but also tells about the historical significance and artistic merits of the exhibits.

Whether the players will be able to win the main prize, viewers will learn from the program.

The TV game «Night at the Museum» in 2011 reached the final of TEFI in the nomination «TV game. Intellectual competition».

Presented by

Andrey Maximov.