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Street Magic
Уличная магия
Уличная магия

The world of simple things and everyday life change forever when magic comes into play. Oranges are full of money, bowling balls always knock out a strike, and ordinary paper turns into roses for the beloved. There are no special effects and sets.

A group of young magicians and a charismatic girl at the head of the team work live, without insurance. They surprise, confuse, seduce and prove that miracles exist in reality.

«Street Magic» is a real show right in front of the amazed audience! Young people participating in the program are real aces of their «magic» business. They surprise, make fun of, seduce and prove that miracles exist in reality. The most important thing is that all this is not happening somewhere on the stage and in the circus arena. Real wizards show wonders where they do not expect it at all: on the street, in a cafe, inside the mall. The guys who show their skills in the show «Street Magic», work live, without insurance. Here the audience will not see any special effects or scenery. Everything is as it is. And here the physical laws that are so thoroughly studied at school do not work. After all, it is «Street Magic» on the TV channel «Friday»!

Is it possible to turn fifty rubles into five hundred euros, and a handful of snow into a snow-white pigeon? It’s easier than that! And all this contrary to all the laws of physics, right before your eyes. Real «Street Magic»!

Presented by

Aleksandra Skachkova.