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Tasteful Life
Жизнь со вкусом
Tasteful Life

The TV program «Tasteful Life» is not only about food, it is dedicated to everything that is called hospitality in the west, that is, «hospitality».
In the consciousness of a Russians hospitality is closely connected with their own house — it is the ability to welcome a guest, to feed him deliciously, to give him accommodation, to entertain in every possible way. «Life with Taste» will tell about «not home» hospitality, about how we can be welcomed and served in a restaurant, hotel, in other words, wherever we are distracted from everyday life, relax and have fun.

Real hospitality implies compliance with certain rules of behavior, not only by the host, but also by the guest. Therefore, «Life with taste» is also a kind of training: for example, when we live in a hotel, there is always a question — who to tip to and who not. Or another problem — how to choose the right restaurant according to your wallet, how to behave in it.

The hosts of the program are connoisseurs of «hospitality», at each point of the route they will meet with acquaintances who know first-hand what true hospitality is in the restaurant business, in hotels, at popular resorts, etc.

The hosts of the «Tasteful Life» program are not just talkers who know the theory, on the contrary, they are, as they say, «with hands». In the course of business, they can suddenly enter the process, for example, of cooking sushi and show how to make the right rice balls. They are not afraid of anything, they have their own opinion on everything, which is often contrary to the generally accepted. They are ready to experience everything on themselves and try everything.

Each program will be built in the form of a small trip to places where we can meet real hospitality and competently match it.

Presented by

Polina FOMINA and Dmitry KORZAKOV.