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Let’s Make Repairs
Займёмся ремонтом
Займёмся ремонтом

«Let’s make repairs» is a reality gaming show, which is produced under the license of the Dutch company Endemol. The original program called Changing Rooms has been shown in eight countries, including the Netherlands, Italy and England (BBC1).

The uniqueness of this project is that it not only entertains, but also provides an opportunity to learn how to change the familiar environment and make a good repair on its own and for little money. Everyone can take part in the reality show. The rules are very simple: two pairs of neighbors change rooms for exactly two days and make each other repairs. For each pair the budget of 15000 rubles is allocated and the help of the designer on an interior is offered (on each program new designers are invited). Together with them, the participants think over the design of the room for their neighbors, based solely on their own ideas about the tastes and preferences of the owners.

The heroes have everything at their disposal for repair: materials, a set of tools and the help of two masters — professionals who possess all necessary skills for performance of civil and finishing works of any complexity.

Couples can do whatever they want, hoping that the neighbors will be satisfied with the result, and can only guess what is happening at home at that moment. Everything that happens in the apartments during these two days is continuously monitored by several cameras.

The construction and filming processes are non-stop.

The only person who always knows what’s going on in both rooms at the moment, who comments and controls the whole process, is the host.

The most interesting and unpredictable thing about this show is the participants’ reaction to what they see.

game with elements of reality.
Presented by

Nadezhda Efremova (Lapteva).